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The Red Worm Families
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The Red Worm Family of Worms

All three worms we grow are in the Red Worm family and are known by the common name, Red Wigglers. We have learned that depending on what region of the United States you hail from there are many nicknames for these worms; including Reds, Red Wigglers, Hybrid Wigglers, Tiger Reds, Garlic Worms, Brandling Worms, Blood Worms and Nightcrawlers.  All worms will compost and work the soil. Fish will bite any worm if they are hungry enough! Ornamental & Tropical Fish, Turtles, Frog and Lizards love 'em too! These three worms that we grow DO NOT REQUIRE refrigeration. In fact, they should NOT BE refrigerated.  (A plus to those fishin’ folks that want to put more important things in their fishin' coolers!)  
Not to be confused with Europeans Nightcrawlers or Canadian Nightcrawlers – both require refrigeration, are fussy and difficult to raise and have been loosing popularity with sportsmen the last few years. 

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We offer this great manual!

Manual $49.95

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Enjoy this wonderful series of books for children that introduces children to backyard composting through the adventures of Pee Wee, the endearing little red wiggler worm, and all the insects in the compost heap.  The adventure begins when four neighbourhood children are magically transported on the back of a butterfly to visit Castle Compost.   

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