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         What do I bed them in?

Worm Bedding. Click on picture to order.

We are constantly asked "What do I bed them in?" Where do I find it? So............we came up with a solution. We've got it! It is a custom blend of Manure and Sawdust that has composted and is free of any chemicals that may harm your worms. Worms LOVE it and are happy to bed down down in it. They will eat it as well. It holds moisture so it is the perfect medium to start your beds with or use in any of the many container systems popular today. You can use it straight out or mix with shredded paper to give your worms an extra treat!

Another housing option is to consider purchasing a kit. One we are fond of is the Easy Space Saving Garden unit. You can find out more about that @ or catch our friend Phillip Powell's you tube video. 


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