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Any worm will compost and work the soil.

And, fish will bite on any worm, if they are hungry enough!

So...........................Which one do I want  ??????? 
 Well, it depends what you want to do MOST!  
Any of our worms can be used to feed not only the fish you are fishing for, but are also good for any Ornamental or "pet" fish, turtles , frogs , birds that consume worms. Our Oscar fish and Macaw birds have LOVED the worms!  
If you want to FISH- you will be happiest with the  the Hybrid Red Wigglers.  

 They are the most prolific and easiest to maintain too.  
The RED WIGGLERS have a tougher skin that helps keep them on the hook. They grow to a good size.  If you are looking to COMPOST, especially indoors, and maybe fish, the "Garden Mix" we offer is the one you will appreciate the most.  They are a nice mix of sizes so if you need a small bait worm for small mouth fishin', or a big fat one this mix will make you very happy. 
 All worms will LEAVE an area if they are not happy with their bedding and feed situation. Be sure to check out and FOLLOW our information on raising them.  


Mike & Dee Blaha

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